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eCommerce Fulfillment Services

With the ability to provide a turnkey processes and solutions to fit any size business, AOA Products can help assist with product assembly, liquid filling, kitting and boxing services, poly-bagging, and warehousing. The eCommerce industry is increasing exponentially and it can be hard to manage the front end of your business if you continuously have to worry about inventory and order fulfillment. Here at AOA Products we can manage your inventory for you, let you know when you are running low, and help assist you with identifying what products are selling better and how to improve the assembly process to increase your profit margins.

  • Inventory Management

  • Shopping Cart Integration

  • Same Day Fulfillment

  • Monitor and Track Lot Codes

AOA Products LLC. Web Portal

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Start ups, Entrepreneurs, and existing companies who have a online presence, your job is to market your products, not track inventory and orders… Leave that job to us…We make it easy!

AOA Products LLC.’s new and improved portal has been made to help simplify your work load from start to finish. The portal having two major advanced integration technologies makes it so simple and efficient for your company to place orders, and then actually be able to view your orders step by step production just by a few simple clicks from your desk.

Our Ecommerce Portal has been modified for the customer to have easy data entry from their site. Inputting orders to our portal can be done either manually or by having your own shopping cart integrated with our portal. When orders are inputted through our portal there is automatic tracking. With that said inventory counts and real time are taken out and or checked in showing your true counts of inventory. This is great for not losing count of stock and loss of inventory for production.

WIP (Work In Progress) interface, this was molded to perform multiple tasks. For easy terms our WIP interface is the assembly line of our portal.

  • The portal gives customer and AOA Products easy input of materials from materials being bought into inventory.While the customer places a work order, our portal then takes out the specific materials that are needed to complete the work order out of inventory, and after production is complete will then place materials back into inventory if not used.
  • After a customer enters a work order they can then follow the process of their products being made. From being picked from the warehouse storage, to being placed in production to be made, to the final boxing and shipment of their products. (Ex. Warehouse, picking, pouring, assembly, kitting, picking, barcoding, packing, completion.)
  • Our interface has the capability for lot code traceability which is very important for almost all companies.
  • Customers will have the capability to sort orders based on material allocation (inventory levels). Great for customers to see what materials need to be ordered to replenish inventory stock.

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