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Kitting and Assembly Services

In addition to fulfillment services we can provide assembly, kitting and inventory for monthly subscription boxes, marketing materials, promotional displays and multi-packs. Utilizing AOA’s cloud-based inventory management system will give you real-time data on individual components. Allowing your company to identify production levels, to easily manage re-order points. Finished kits and subscription boxes can easily be mass shipped through our finished goods management portal.


Kitting, Assembly, and Inventory Management Services.

  • Subscription Box Assembly
  • Poly bagged handouts, printed and non-printed with hanger holes or without.
  • Kitting and assembly of samples, point of purchase displays and handouts.
  • Box together product kits with related materials for better packaging and shipping.
  • Full-service printing of brochures, literature, posters, binders, handouts, stickers for kitting marketing materials.
  • Kit packaging of DVD and CD development, duplication and assembly
  • Fulfillment, pick and pack, warehousing and distribution of your products
  • Shipping of one brochure or entire pallets of materials
  • We offer great seasonal solutions as well as monthly and even weekly product kits.
  • Personalized service and product tracking via our web portal
  • Domestic and international shipping for any type of kitting products

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