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Poly Bagging Services

We utilize fully automated poly bagging stations, for industrial, retail, consumer goods, and medical products. AOA provides short, medium, and long-run kits for various industries.  Our latest state of the art computer controlled poly bagging equipment with fully automated counters can provide cost effective solutions for short runs with the ability to print on poly bags in-house and pre-printed poly bag options for long run production. 


In House Bagging Services Include

  • Heat sealing your product(s) in pre-printed poly bags, in-house thermal transfer printed poly bags, clear poly bags, combo bags, and custom labeled poly bags.
  • Materials used range from Standard duty thickness to super tough, barrier bags, mailer bags, biodegradable bags, re-sealable poly bags, and poly bags with perforations and hanger holes.
  • Industrial, retail, fastener industries, consumer goods, clean room bagging of food and medical products.
  • Fully Automated poly bagging stations, semi-automated poly bagging machines, automated bowl feed counters, hand fed poly bagging machines.
  • Each station has high-speed post bagging check weigh station for 100% kit accuracy.
  • Size range from 2″x2″ bags up to 14″ x 20″ bags.
  • Up to 40 poly bags per minute speed.
  • We give you the option to run one part per bag up to thousands per poly bag, multiple different parts per poly bag, master kits, and assembly.
  • (1) bag to (1,000,000) bag runs.

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